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Buddies on day out

Our Story

Charlotte’s Brightside charity was founded in memory of Charlotte Churchill, who died tragically in a car accident, the aims of the charity are to advance and relieve the needs of young people through:

a) a provision of recreational and leisure activities, provided in an interest of social welfare designed to improve their conditions in life.

b) by providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

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Our aims and goals

Our aims are to give children and young people experiences to positively engage them in meaningful activities that will broaden their chances without the usual cost implications. We have identified that this support needs to be extended to parents/adults and carers to assist in ‘breaking the cycle’ giving added positive influences to guide people through change and development. We have found that giving an individual the time, support, physical implements and space to explore where they are and where they want to get to, will allow them to make the changes one step at a time. This has been extremely successful when supporting the younger children and their families; we have gained trust within the local community, developed through honesty and respect. From observation, outreach and communication with both individuals and services within the community we have identified a gap for us to tackle. The older teenagers within the community have requested space for themselves, so that they can be warm, meet up with friends, have access to refreshments, activities, music and toilets away from the younger children and the adults who care for them. This is why we aim to extend our project, which will raise their aspirations and self-worth.

Local adults and services have also shared their concerns regarding some of the behaviours and risks the young people are taking, by offering them a space and time to fully engage with them will help develop their relationships with adults, whilst providing activities, experiences and a space. Young people can have an input in developing the project and this will assist in giving them the tools to enable improved choices for their future.

The project will impact and benefits the community in many ways, offering the young people a place to access will reduce their risk taking which will reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour and intimidating behaviour. Offering the young people experiences will positively impact on their lives, building confidence and self-esteem. We plan for some of the activities to be around intergenerational relationships to help develop a more mutual understanding and respect between the generations.

How we raise funds

We are totally self-funded and raise revenue from events; corporate support, our new social supermarket and bid writing for specific projects. We also arrange fundraising events with the children we work with ie sponsored walks etc, this helps them develop awareness and some ownership of our centre and the activities we offer.

What will we bring to the community

We will positively engage young people within the centre, give them opportunities to gain new experiences, a safe place to 'hang out,' reduce anti-social behaviour, offer school holiday activities and work in partnership with local charities and enterprises which will benefit the community

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